Kevin Willcocks

New Zealand Artist


Within this site you will see a range of works covering the various mediums I work in. These works are only a sample of all the works I've produced and sold over the 50 odd years I've been painting. They demonstrate the versatility of style and passion for my many subjects.

     I was born in 1961 on the North Shore of Auckland, New Zealand and now live in beautiful Mangawhai. I painted my first oil painting at the age of 10, the first of many throughout my school years and have painted steadily since, alongside employment in the boatbuilding, building and movie industries.

I have exhibited and sold my works through a number of galleries throughout the wider Auckland area, along with a large volume of commissioned work.

     I paint a broad range of subject matter ……. fascinated especially with the

New Zealand coastline and landscape with it's ever changing colours and moods that continue to inspire and provide motivation. With the ability to express myself freely I love to experiment with form, technique and medium, leading me down a path of exciting creativity. 

     I work in oils, acrylics and watercolours with an increasing range of structural, composite, textural and organic materials. Exploring the relationships between various colour harmonies and surface textures, providing a vast range of possibilities through material choice. 

     My art is not an excuse to present complex theories or ideas, instead it speaks for itself giving the viewer the opportunity to take in the work as a whole and in doing so creating interest, visual engagement and a sense of pleasure.

I have a home studio and gallery (Barrier View Gallery) where customers are welcome to stop by and view my works first hand and as always I welcome the opportunity to discuss potential commissions.

     “My art to me is not just a passion but more of an obsession to me…’s always with me no matter what I’m doing…..a deep seated part of me… is me and I absolutely love being creative in all the various aspects of my art”